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Education Initiatives

Future Stars Development and Rescue Center Supply Donation


In Partnership with the Future Stars Development and Rescue Center (FSDC), we held a fundraising event to gain proceeds for educational and living supplies for the center. We ended up raising $10,736 for the center, far surpassing our fundraising goal of $7,000. To learn more about how our partnership with Future Stars came to be and find out more about the center, check out our partner's page. 


Purchased Supplies: Bar Soap; Bed Sheet Sets; Blankets; Buckets; Crayon Packs; Cooking Pans; Educational Guide Books; Eraser Packs; Glue; Mattresses; Notebooks; Pencil Packs; Pillow Sets; Rulers; Sandals; Sanitary Pads; Scissors; Sharpeners; Toothbrushes; Toothpaste; Towels.

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Muanzo Mpya Rafiki Mentorship 


Our Muanzo Mpya Rafikis spent this summer mentoring at affiliated local schools and organizations in Kibera. The Rafikis mentored students on things such as how to navigate life in the slums and seek opportunities. The mentees were all elementary-aged students, and working with our Rafikis is helping them grow into the strong leaders they can be. This program benefits not only the young mentees but our Rafikis as well. They are all looking to constantly better themselves and their community, and the mentorship program fosters this. We are so proud of the work our Rafikis are doing and cannot wait to see what they and their mentees do next!

To learn more about our Rafikis, check out our team page.

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