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About Muanzo Mpya

       Inspired by the experiences of Eunice Akoth, a group of high school juniors from Miss Porter’s School created Muanzo Mpya. Growing up in a diverse community, Eunice endured many challenges, all of which taught her to embrace her own differences. She feels fortunate for her opportunities and dreams of giving back to the place that made her the person she is today. 

       We decided to make this dream a reality by helping the youth of Kibera receive the amazing opportunities Eunice was fortunate enough to obtain. Muanzo Mpya is a non-profit organization that strives to bring awareness and give back to the Kibera community. We created a blog to share the stories of Kibera’s youth. Our mission is to shed light on this community that provides such love and support to its people, even during dark times. By building relationships with established organizations with similar visions, we aim to illuminate those currently in the shadows. Our hope is that by sharing these stories and highlighting ways to help those living in Kibera, we can support the unique potential of these youth and provide aid for those in need. 

Want to be part of this partnership? Volunteer with us as ambassadors and help fundraise and donate.




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