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Community Initiatives

Future Stars Development and Rescue Center Renovation Plan 


In partnership with the Future Stars Development and Rescue Center (FSDC), as an additional part of our fundraising, we donated towards their construction efforts. FSDC tries its best to help as many children as they can, but this can prove as a challenge when there is limited space. They decided to add additional facilities two years ago but were quickly halted upon the arrival of COVID-19, as they had to re-allocate their limited budget and could no longer afford the construction. 

As Muanzo Mpya, we donated $5,000 to their construction efforts, and they were able to get their work underway once again. We are glad to have been able to be a part of this process, and are very excited to see the Muanzo Mpya wing come to life! 


Martha's Vineyard Jewelry Fundraiser by Eunice Akoth and Rafikis 

This summer, thanks to a gift of Kenyan jewelry pieces from a generous donor, Muanzo Mpya Creative Director Eunice Akoth along with a few Rafikis hosted a jewelry sale in Martha's Vineyard. In total, Muanzo Mpya raised $3,990 to go towards youth in Kibera. 

Muanzo Mpya will be using these proceeds this Fall to kickstart a grocery run program in Kibera, in an attempt of aiding the ever-growing food insecurity that COVID-19 has caused. Our Muanzo Mpya Rafikis will be responsible for making these deliveries, and they will occur at least once a month, addressing families most in need. 

Muanzo Mpya Dance Program 


Dance is an essential part of life for many in Kibera, as it is a great source of exercise and fun for youth and adults alike. However, often families cannot afford for their children to attend official dance classes or programs. Instead of having these activities, youth can sometimes become involved in crimes and other behavior.

We decided it would be beneficial for the community to start a dance program. Thanks to a generous donation, Muanzo Mpya received dance uniforms we provide for the students. These classes are provided for youth at schools across Kibera and are taught by other dancers. Looking forward, we will expand the program to be more inclusive of all the arts. 

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Muanzo's Merry Miracles


Every holiday season since 2021, we've been dedicating a week to spreading holiday joy in Kibera, Muanzo’s Merry Miracles (MMM)! 

In 2021, we provided MMM ‘21 t-shirts for 150 Kiberans, provided groceries for 100 local families, had Muanzo’s Dance program perform for the community, and hosted a holiday celebration where kids made crafts, ate food, and celebrated around a Christmas tree. In 2022, we continued the tradition of
providing groceries to families, hosting dance performances for the community, and throwing themed events for youth. 

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