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Future Stars Development & Rescue Center

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

2007 in Kibera was full of post-election violence and distress that disrupted the lives of families and youth, separating many from their loved ones. Experiencing the wrath and pain of the violence, Peres Agai Anyango, known by the community as Mama Aggy, strived to pick up the broken pieces and create a support system for the youth. Mama Aggy had always been a change maker and a beacon of light in Kibera, and this time was no exception. From this dream, the Future Stars Development Centre was born.

The Future Stars Development Centre began as a home for a few children who were either directly or indirectly affected by the aftermath of the violence. Out of her own pocket, Mama Aggy established a place for orphans and displaced children in the community to feel loved or have a warm meal. She also worked to re-connect children with their families.

Today, the centre has grown to make a difference in the lives of over 300 children and their families with a primary school, a residential facility, and a feeding program. In addition, Future Stars has a group of volunteers that continue to bring in orphans and find them permanent homes. It has truly become a place of sanctuary and opportunity for some of the most vulnerable children of Kibera.

Mama Aggy strives to not only provide a home, but to prepare these children to thrive as they move on as adults. While at Future Stars, the children are taught to expand their knowledge and perspectives of the outside world, they also learn about how to sustain themselves independently in the future.

What started as one woman’s dream grew into something beautiful that has positively impacted the lives of many. Because this is a free program created by one woman trying to aid her community, they sometimes lack funding and resources to provide the children with everything they need. The school is dependent mostly on volunteers and donors for everyday school supplies and teachers. Some of the essential things that the centre lacks are good beds, mattresses, clothing and school supplies. As Muanzo Mpya, we have partnered with Future Stars to share their story, and provide a way for anyone to help, even from a distance. As Mama Aggy says, “individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.”

For more information, check out our interview with Mama Aggy, or see the Future Stars Development Center webpage below.

Interview with Mama Aggy:

Want to be part of this partnership? Volunteer with us as ambassadors and help fundraise and donate.

Link to GoFundMe:

Link to the Future Stars website:


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